anna torv fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: He Seems to Have an Invisible TouchJesus, another kid who had scientific experiments performed on him? Well, if it makes us feel any better, this kid — a baby with a super-painful sensitivity to light — was supposed to die. Nope, doesn’t make me feel any better. Especially since the experiments wind up keeping Eugene from dying and turn him into an invisible super-spy. Now he’s killing people for their pigment so he can be a normal person who gets to fall in love with the cute woman who lives in his building. The problem is his treatment will return him to his original condition, which will kill him. It’s just as well, because the Fringe team has a hell of a time doing it (to be fair, the guy’s invisible). At least the guy dies happy, because he realizes the pretty woman in his building was aware of his existence! The ending might be a little more poignant, if it weren’t for ALL THE PEOPLE HE KILLED.

Peter, meanwhile, is making friends with his Fringe bodyguard and making plans to build a machine to snap him into whatever timeline he’s supposed to be in. He’s so far removed what everyone else is doing that he might as well be on another show.

And then there’s Olivia, who’s been getting terrible migraines that force her into nocturnal roamings where she runs into lonely Lincoln Lee. It’s at the end of the episode where we find out where these migraines seem to be coming from — Olivia’s gassed in her house by a couple of goons under the direction of one Nina Sharp. They inject her with something or take a sample of blood, or something — I was too busy picking my jaw up off the floor to tell for sure. I’m not sure why I was so surprised. I mean, they couldn’t keep Nina non-evil forever.

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