john noble fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: If Walter Should Fall From Grace With GodWalternate’s decided to activate his Doomsday machine, since the blood sample he got from his grandson has given him enough Peter-essence to fire up that sucker. But only a few people are in on the plan, which is unfolding on Liberty Island, and the detected energy surges arouse the suspicion of the Fringe department in general and Fauxlivia in particular. She confronts Walternate about what she suspects is going on, and is chilled when she realizes Walternate is willing to sacrifice his son. She attempts to get over to the other side to bring Peter back to stop what’s going on, but only winds up getting thrown in prison by Walternate.

Meanwhile, on our Earth, s*** is starting to go down — plagues of locusts, vortexes — but Massive Dynamic isn’t ready with enough amber to contain events as they occur. Worst of all, our Doomsday machine has activated itself. Sam Weiss is checking things out with his own trans-universe magic window viewer, and writing down equations in a notebook. We don’t know what the formula is, but the answer is zero, which can’t be good. And the Fringe team has figured — prompted by Peter himself — that Peter needs to get into the machine to control what’s happening. But when he tries to enter it, he gets zapped and hits the floor, knocking himself out. He’s in the hospital and all his vitals are fine, but he’s unconscious and isn’t waking up. And now Sam Weiss needs Olivia to come with him! Good Friday? More like great Friday! Although the fact that Earth-2 is a place where the Dodgers still play in Brooklyn and the Montreal Expos still exist makes me wonder if Earth-1 shouldn’t just surrender to Earth-2.

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