josh jackson fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: The Day the World Went AwayWell, of everything I expected from a season finale that feels like it was supposed to be a series finale, Walter shooting Olivia in the forehead wasn’t part of it. I did think Astrid might be in jeopardy much longer than she was, but as we kick off, she’s in the hospital thanks to an anonymous 911 call, but she has no idea where Walter is, because he’s aboard William Bell’s Tramp Steamer of Manmade Animalbominations, where he listens in horror to Bell’s grandiose plan to collapse both universes to create a new one — maybe shutting down the bridge was a little premature, hey?

Peter and Olivia, after talking to Astrid in the hospital, work to track down Walter. Along the way, they’re led back to Jessica Holt, who isn’t just a potential nanite victim but apparently has been working with Bell. She plays the victim, saying someone is following her — that someone turns out to be September, who Jessica traps with stasis runes on the floor, because I guess those are a thing, now? September demonstrates his bullet-catching ability, and when Jessica uses tech from Bell that fires bullets too fast for September to catch, Olivia telekinetically flings them back at her, killing her. That’s unfortunate, because she was their only lead or whatever, and we finally getting back to using Massive Dynamic tech to questioning the dead, leading to some skin-crawling asynchronous eye movement.

So: eventually they find their way to the boat, which is already caught in some sort of trans-world nexus; Peter can see it, being from the other universe, and Olivia — who Bell has been Cortexiphanning up so she can be the power source for his collapsing-universes plan — can transport them there, because that’s a thing she can do. They do a trust fall to the deck of the ship, and then bust in on Bell, who says he wasn’t planning on having any humans in his new universe, but nevertheless he offers them the chance to be Adam and Eve. They decline; there’s not likely going to be any places to buy a Bugaboo stroller in Bell’s bat**** new world.

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