josh jackson fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: The More We Get TogetherPicking up where we left off at the end of last week, Fauxlivia and Lincoln Bee find David Jones in his industrial warehouse of horrors, where he kills one of the people being kept alive in a stasis chamber, just to prove what a badass he is and to warn them about the horrors that will befall others. We don’t have to wait long, because after he’s taken into custody he arranges for the murder of a bunch of people in a hospital ER room. It’s death by toxic gas, the kind of toxic gas that causes your skin to fall right off your body; just one glimpse of skin sliding off a victim’s palm as he paws at the door is enough to give me nightmares. Threatening the deaths of even more people, Jones gets himself released by Fringe division, with the hard drive he needed from the inoperational Brandonate, and he eludes the agents by, with a little help from evil Col. Broyles, creating a clamor by giving away free money to strangers and confounding the tracking device that Fringe put on him.

So he’s free to jump back to the other universe to steal rocks from a quarry to make nefarious explosives. FBI Fringe tries to stop him, Jones gets away, through a portal back to Earth-2, and Olivia nearly gets sliced in half following him, giving us a nifty cross-section of SUV engine. And now it’s double-universe team-up, with all the agents and their doppelgangers sitting around a table, putting their heads together to stop Jones. The wildcard is Peter, who’s the only one who’s dealt with Jones (although this Jones, of course, has no idea who Peter is).

Speaking of Peter, Elizabeth crosses universes to talk to Walter on his behalf, hoping to convince him to help this version of their son. He agrees, because could you say no to utter knockout Orla Brady?

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