john noble fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: The Shock of the LightningPeter’s still in his coma, which means that Walter might as well be, until Astrid shakes him out of his funk by impressing upon him the need to try to do something to improve the situation. The situation is this: dry-lightning strikes, indoors and outside, all over the place. Walter figures out that the Doomsday Machine turning on and the havoc being wreaked is due to Walternate turning on his machine. Sam Weiss, who is the latest in a long line of Sam Weisses burdened with arcane knowledge having to do with the destruction of colliding universes, gets a little tangly with his revelation that there’s a box (which is in a crypt) that can be opened with a key (that is in a museum), and inside the box is a sort of quantum “crowbar” that the team can use to pry open the Doomsday Machine, so Peter can get inside. Sam explains that the Doomsday Machine has essentially been tricked into thinking Peter’s already inside. So after completing the video-game-esque quests to open the special box, what’s inside are papers that reveal Olivia’s connection to the Doomsday Machine as well. She can use her telekinesis to cross the universes (of course she can) to shut off Walternate’s machine so Peter can enter over on our side. Trouble is, by this point Peter has woken up, is very confused, and leaves a note that says “I am going home,” just like he did for his mother when he tried to drown himself in an attempt to get back to Earth-2. This time he has a credit card, so he takes a cab to New York and spends $600 on a lucky half-dollar, and the team catches up with him on Liberty Island, where he’s momentarily surprised to remember that there are two Walter Bishops.

Anyway, after some telekinesis practice (it’s been a while since Olivia’s had to defuse any bombs with her mind), Olivia shuts down the machine over there, opening up the foot and hand placements for Peter over here. He steps in — and then is transported fifteen years into the future, where all hell is breaking loose. Did Skynet come online again?

Oh, and if you’re driving and trying to avoid lightning strikes, Fringe wants you to know that the Volkswagen Jetta has all the features you need. (I know that’s not the car featured, but I’m not rewarding the continually egregious product placement by repeating it.)

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