anna torv fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: Weekend at Bolivia'sOn “Fringe,” we’re back in our own blue-tinged universe, with the Fringe team investigating a case where thieves unearth an object in a basement that fries the brains of everyone in the house when it’s opened — not unlike the lost ark, and the raiders who raided it. Except one of the thieves is strangely unaffected.

The Fringe team doesn’t know it, but the item taken is a missing piece to the Peter Bishop-Powered Doomsday Machine. Well, Bolivia does, and she’s working with Thomas Newton to retrieve it. The unaffected thief survived because he’s deaf and therefore immune to the device’s deadly ultrasonic frequencies. It also means that he doesn’t hear Fauxlivia, who he tracked down to give the box to, before she shoots him in the head. In her own apartment. Right before Peter shows up. She stashes the body in her bathroom (instead of putting a hat and sunglasses on him and pretending he’s still alive), only a spreading pool of blood under the bathroom door forces her to jump Peter’s bones to distract him.

Fortunately for her, Newton has left the box in a subway, where it kills a bunch more people, so Fringe team gets called in. Walter gets the genius idea to shoot off a gun right by Peter’s ears to deafen him so Peter can retrieve the box. His being deaf meant that he doesn’t hear the train barreling down the tunnel at him, but Fauxlivia’s chased after him to save him. She’s working on learning Earth-prime’s lingo so she can pass for one of the savages, only she’s starting to get the sense that maybe the people in this universe aren’t necessarily the remorseless warmongering animals she’s been told. Of course, she’s the one who coldly murdered a deaf guy.

In other news: William Bell is dead, and his two closest friends — Nina Sharp and Walter Bishop — get their own special will reading. Nina gets a bell from a villa in Italy where William Bell totally nailed her, and, um, Walter gets Massive Dynamic. That’s probably a big deal, right?

All that, plus a little person gets his head blown off.

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