fringe jackson torv 'Fringe' renewed for Season 4, high five your 'alternate'

Fans of FOX’s perpetually on-the-bubble “Fringe,” which recently got the not-so-promising move to Friday, have reason to be happy.

It looks like the series will be coming back for a fourth season. Executive producer Joel Wyman revealed the happy news on Twitter, Mar. 24, writing only, “Fringe was picked up!!!! Thanks Fringedom!”

Zap2it‘s request for confirmation from FOX were not immediately returned, but it’s seems safe to say that news will be forthcoming — unless, of course, this is all the result of an unlikely Twitter-hijacking by some jerk from the alternate ‘verse…

[Update: FOX confirms that “Fringe” will indeed return for a 22-episode run during the 2011/2012 season.]

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell