fringe season finale worlds apart joshua jackson fox 'Fringe' Season 4 finale: No one ever really dies in scifiOh “Fringe,” how you play with our emotions! This review is chock full of spoilers, so look away if you haven’t watched “Worlds Apart: Part 2” yet. The impact of the big moment with Olivia (Anna Torv) would have been even more difficult to take if the writers put that in the ending they shot, should the show not be picked up. Not sure anyone’s heart could have taken that.

The Observer prophecy about Olivia having to die in any scenario was real. After finding out that she was the power source to create a new universe, Walter (John Noble) shot her in the forehead. Did anyone else jump out of their seat? We all knew you could bring someone back for a few moments. We saw it with the incredibly, horribly creepy, eye-jerking final moments with Jessica Holt (Rebecca Mader). But all that cortexiphan brought Olivia fully back to life! She’s lost her powers, but might regain them later. See? Cortexiphan is good for something.

Even more dramatic? She was preggers the whole time! (Will the cortexiphan affect the baby?) Walter could have killed two people with that one gunshot. It was an incredible scene. Watching Peter (Joshua Jackson) in tears, with his head pressed up against Walter, realizing Olivia is alive. Absolutely heartbreaking! 

So the big mystery? What happened to the man with the god complex William Bell (Leonard Nimoy)? He, forgive the Harry Potter term, disapparated. Leonard Nimoy says he’s in talks to return next season, so he’s probably going to be at least one Big Bad in Season 5. Massive Dynamic is about to have a new boss in Nina (Blair Brown), and lots more money, so we should be seeing some more incredible tech. In the final moments of the episode, an Observer tells Walter, “They’re coming!” Wait, who? Who’s coming? Why is it not the fall yet? We’re dying to hear what you think of the season finale. Leave us your thoughts below.

They’re coming!

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