fringe season finale worlds apart joshua jackson fox 'Fringe' Season 5: Jeff Pinkner leaves the show in J.H. Wyman's handsSay what?

Jeff Pinkner has been the “Fringe” showrunner, with J.H. Wyman joining him as a co-showrunner in Season 2. Together, they successfully guided it into this fall’s fifth and final season — but when “Fringe” says goodbye, it will be without Pinkner on board. TVGuide reports that Pinkner has decided to leave the series to develop other projects in an “amicable” split. Wyman will stay on as the only showrunner.

Executive producer J.J. Abrams released the following statement about Pinkner’s exit: “We’re so excited to begin work on a fifth season of ‘Fringe’ and to be able to deliver the 13 final episodes to our passionate and devoted fans. For four years, J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner have worked tirelessly as a team to keep all the worlds in order on ‘Fringe.’ We’re thankful for the invaluable contributions Jeff has made to the
show and of course wish him well and look forward to working together in
the future. J.H. Wyman’s importance to ‘Fringe’ cannot be overstated, however, and I’m thrilled that he will continue as
showrunner for the concluding chapters of our story. We can’t wait for
our fans to see what we have in store for them in the wild conclusion of ‘Fringe.’

On Tuesday, Wyman tweeted a photo of the cover of the “Fringe” Season 5 premiere script, which he wrote. When a fan tweeted him to ask if he’d stay on til the end, Wyman replied, “I will be here until the last frame. We always encourage everyone to pursue their creative paths. This goes for Jeff too. My commitment is to Fringe and our incredible fans.”

The final season begins Friday, Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie