fringe anna torv finale 320 'Fringe': Season finale smackdownThe regular TV season has
come to a close and while some finales have got us talking more than
others (like that heartbreaking and awesome “House” ep), we still have a lot to say, so this week, we’ve selected a
few series and will compare their 2010 season ender to their 2009 season ender

We’ll tell you which hour we feel was better, but we’ll also have you vote on which one you think was tops.

So, without further ado, “Fringe”…

“There’s More Than One of Everything” (2009): Nina rebounded nicely from being attacked by Jones and immediately began trying to bring him down. She told Olivia that, during the attack, Jones stole a power cell from her arm, and if she could find a way to take him out, she would get her in contact with William Bell.

Peter searched for Walter, but he was nowhere to be found. Walter was at a mysterious grave site and the Observer watched him mourn. Peter finally tracked Walter down at their old beach house, but Walter couldn’t remember what important thing he was there to look for.

Nina explained that there were “soft spots” that would be ideal for crossing over to the place where Jones was trying to get to. The group went to stop him, but Jones had already opened up the portal. He was halfway through it when Peter used a patch to close it up. Jones was split in half and killed.

Later, Walter was again MIA, but because he left a note, Peter didn’t go searching for him. Walter was back at the cemetery and the grave he was standing in front of belonged to Peter Bishop.

Olivia was invited to a hotel restaurant by Nina. Olivia waited at the restaurant, but no one showed up. When she attempted to leave on an elevator, there was a flare of light and suddenly she was with William Bell. The reason William Bell had been MIA? He was actually in an alternate universe, a place where the World Trade Center is still intact.

“Over There, Part 2” (2010): Over in the alternate universe, Peter met Walternate, his real father. He told Peter about all the harm Walter had caused when he stole Peter from this universe and asked for Peter’s help to fix things. Peter agreed. But he soon realized the help Walternate wanted would destroy the other universe.

Olivia and William Bell searched the hospitals for Walter, only to find Fauxlivia and Charlie were searching for him as well. Bell distracted the two and Olivia was able to sneak Walter out.

Fauxlivia took Peter to a safe house and they talked about his life and Olivia. Fauxlivia returned to her place and was confronted by the real Olivia. They fought, Olivia knocked Fauxlivia out and locked her up. Olivia dyed her hair and changed her clothes to impersonate Fauxlivia. She and Charlie went to see Peter in the safe house and Olivia then knocked Charlie out. Peter told Olivia that he didn’t belong in either universe, but she said he belonged in her universe. With her. They kissed.

Fauxlivia escaped and found her way to Walternate. They devised a plan. The AU Fringe team attempted to stop our Fringe team. Bell spotted Fauxlivia, but a temporary explosion stunned him. He recovered and he and Walter realized that the only way to activate the device that would get the group back to our universe was via Bell himself.

Our team makes it back… but — big twist — it turns out the “Olivia” who returned with them is actually Fauxlivia. Our Olivia is being held captive by Walternate in the alternate world.

Our pick: “There’s More Than One of Everything.” We have mad love for this year’s finale, but it’s going to be hard for “Fringe” to ever top their first season ender. The entire show as we knew it was turned on its head: There was a whole other universe out there that we were going to get to see! Our Peter was from said universe!

We knew something was bubbling below the surface of the show, but we didn’t know quite what it was. And we certainly weren’t expecting for that many doors to be opened that early in the series. The image of the Twin Towers was such a brilliantly simple way to convey
that things weren’t the same in the other world, but it invoked such gut-wrenching emotions from us.

Not to mention that it
made us literally bolt up and run to the computer to try and sort out WTF had just happened.

We’re very curious to see if anyone disagrees with us.

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