bishops 290 'Fringe' sneak peek: Bodies and birthdaysFOX picture day rolls on with some photos from the first episode of “Fringe” — which are as notable for what’s not there as for what is.

There are some intriguing shots in the bunch, to be sure: Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) trying to comfort his dad, Walter (John Noble) over a “horrible accident,” our first look at new FBI Agent Amy Jessup (Meghan Markle) and a birthday party at the lab.

What are not there, though, are any pictures of Olivia (Anna Torv) — presumably because she’s still in the alternate reality where the World Trade Center towers still stand and William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) resides. We’ll get the answer to that on Sept. 17, but for now, here’s a look at some of the scenes from the episode. First up, Walter on the scene of an accident.

walter crash 'Fringe' sneak peek: Bodies and birthdays

Peter tries to calm his father in the aftermath of what FOX describes as a “horrible accident” — we’re assuming the one partially pictured above, since Walter’s wearing the same jacket.

bishops 'Fringe' sneak peek: Bodies and birthdays

Meghan Markle as Junior Agent Amy Jessup.

meghanmarkle 'Fringe' sneak peek: Bodies and birthdays

Doing his thing as only he can, Walter munches on a Red Vine with one hand while sticking his other hand in the chest cavity of a cadaver.

walter body 'Fringe' sneak peek: Bodies and birthdays

Finally, the aforementioned birthday party, with Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and the cow taking part in the festivities.

birthday 'Fringe' sneak peek: Bodies and birthdays

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Posted by:Rick Porter