Word from a Dish Rag on-set source is that Anna Torv, the gorgeous blond star of JJ Abrams‘ new show, "Fringe," married her co-star Mark Valley quietly over the holidays.

He played her co-worker/lover but he died early on (he got like plasticized or something bizarre) but then she went through this strange mind-meld hookup/hallucination thing and he might have been working against their agency but well, it’s complicated and I’m still a little confused.

Whew. It’s like "Lost." But without the time travel. So far.

Mark is reportedly leaving the show (darn it!) so the couple told everyone -– cast and crew -– on an early January Friday night.


To read more about Anna, click on Choire Sicha’s interview with the Aussie actress.

Watch this video to hear Anna talk about her FBI agent character, Olivia Dunham.

Photos: Kevin Reilly, Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, Mark Valley and Peter Ligouri at the Fringe New York premiere party. Anna and Mark make a very cute couple, don’t they?

Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead