fringe friend john noble 'Fringe' team reunites for 'Friend' starring John Noble: Watch online nowIf, like us, you’re missing “Fringe” since its series finale this winter, you’re in luck! Series star John Noble reunited with the “Fringe” team to shoot the short film “Friend,” and you can watch it right here! It’s very much in the vein of “Fringe,” so while it might not fill the void, it’ll certainly ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Written by Noble’s daughter, Jess Noble, the short film was directed by “Fringe” DP David Geddes, edited by “Fringe” viral marketing genius Ari Margolis, and scored by musical contributor Jeremy Little. The paper flowers in the film were even designed by Noble’s “Fringe” co-star Jasika Nicole.

“There is a lot to this little film and I look forward to sharing it with
Fringe fans who appreciate the mysterious side of life,” Noble tells TVGuide‘s Damian Holbrook.

The synopsis is as follows: A lonely, grief stricken man of wealth finds a new lease on life after an unusual ‘friend’ is mysteriously delivered to his door. A unique and unexpected relationship quickly forms, bringing hope and color to the man’s bleak existence. But will tragedy strike again?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie