FRINGE_group_cloudscropped.jpgEveryone’s favorite book seller is back. All hail the return of Edward Markham (Clark Middleton). In the new episode of “Fringe” entitled “Nothing As It Seems,” we’re getting a lot of nods to early on in the show. We’re also going to see the “werecupines.” For the first time, of course.

Though as Joshua Jackson tells the Huffington Post, it won’t be exactly the same. He says, “A man never steps in the same river twice. But I can’t tell you anything
about what happens or what it’s about, because it would reveal to you
what it’s calling back to!”

Check out three preview videos from “Nothing As It Seems” and let us know what you want to see a nod to. And don’t forget to vote in our “Fringe” vs. “Castle” March Madness poll! If “Fringe” wins, it’s one more reason to renew the show, right?

Posted by:jbusch