fox bubble shows 'Fringe,' 'Touch,' 'Alcatraz': Keep 'em or kill 'em?The unofficial start of the 2012-13 V season, the broadcast network
upfronts, is only about six weeks away, which means the fates will soon
be decided for on-the-bubble network programs. To kick off Bubble Watch
2012, Zap2it is asking you to cast your votes for the shows that might be in danger – Keep ‘Em or Kill ‘Em?

FOX has quite a few bubble shows, from animation domination offers “Bob’s Burgers” and “Napoleon Dynamite” to cult favorite “Fringe.” Vote below for which shows you’d like to see FOX keep for next year.


The case for: The show premiered strong and perhaps FOX wants to take a chance on this being their new supernatural drama if it cancels “Fringe.”

The case against: The cult following is not there with “Alcatraz,” plus the season finale dipped below 5 million viewers. Could FOX scrap “Alcatraz,” “The Finder,” “Terra Nova” and “Fringe”? Sure, it certainly could.

“Bob’s Burgers”

The case for: “Simpsons,” “Family Guy” and “American Dad” are all coming back, so one could argue “Bob’s Burgers” will round out the quartet of Sunday night animated shows.

The case against: That fourth slot could also go to “Napoleon Dynamite,” or FOX could decide to chuck them both in the face of low ratings and try some new shows.

“Breaking In”

The case for: Hmm … FOX really likes Christian Slater? There really isn’t much case for “Breaking In.”

The case against: The show was only brought back for a second season to plug a hole in FOX’s scheduling. Its ratings have been dismal, slipping beneath 3 million viewers the last three new episodes. It doesn’t look good.

“The Finder”

The case for: This one might have a chance – the ratings have stayed steady at around 6-7 million viewers, which is more than “Alcatraz” and “Fringe” have been getting lately.

The case against: A lot will probably depend on how the final six new episodes of Season 1 do. FOX certainly had higher hopes for a “Bones” spin-off, though “Bones” Season 7 ratings have been lower than the past seasons too, so …  But we wouldn’t hold our breath for “The Finder.”


The case for: It doesn’t matter anymore – “Fringe” has been renewed. Yay! 

“Napoleon Dynamite”

The case for: The show has a lot of the voices of actors from the movie, and opened to decent numbers.

The case against: The show has dropped to earning half what its premiere got in the ratings, and FOX always has plenty of more popular shows for animation domination.


The case for: The premiere and follow-up episode numbers were strong, earning an average of almost 12 million viewers for each.

The case against: The third episode dropped to under 9 million viewers. Still not terrible numbers, but if the show keeps dropping, FOX might reconsider. Still, it’s a little early to tell for sure.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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