As for Charlie: I’m all for more screen time for the B-listers on the cast. Had they ever mentioned or shown his home life before tonight’s episode, I might have been more moved by what could have been their last conversation. But I get the sneaking suspicion we’ll never see his wife again. Next on my list of people who need back stories: Astrid! More Astrid is always a good idea!

Also a good idea? Returning back to the show’s central mythology. Once again, no one on the show seemed to remember anything about the ZFT, the blinking lights, or Mr. Jones. Heck, they’ve apparently also forgotten about The Pattern, instead settling into this “we take the weird cases” shtick that ignores the larger context. Only a few more episodes until season’s end, “Fringe.” Time to pick up the pace.

Just a few more items about tonight’s show…

  1. Granted, I’m biased, but did anyone else think “smoke monster” when they heard the sound effects for LizardWaspBat?
  2. Olivia’s jealousy over Peter’s relationship with her sister is an inexplicable as the sister’s mere presence on the show.
  3. While I liked Walter’s realization of the harm of his previous work, the show put a lot of unnatural tension between the Bishop Boys to reach such a revelation. Usually they build up to a high level of dissension, but this week they started on 10 and kept up the volume all hour. I guess an ear in the omelet will do that to a father/son combo.

So that makes it basically two weeks in a row of mediocre episodes. While the show has a grand plan in place, it’s not always good at producing episodes that exist in the middle ground between seismic events in its universe. They either have to start producing better “crazy science event of the week” episodes, or start focusing on the mythology. Either one would be a welcome development.

Are you liking post-hiatus “Fringe,” or longing for the glory of its multiverse days? Leave your thoughts below!

Posted by:Ryan McGee