supernatural vs fringe 'Fringe' vs. 'Supernatural': FOX boss takes a shot at CW seriesWe know that “Fringe” moving to Friday isn’t a sign of impending death (strawberry-flavored or not). However, needlessly angering the veritable army of “Supernatural” fans might be.

At Tuesday’s FOX TCA Press Day, network exec Kevin Reilly scoffed at the idea that “Fringe” might be in trouble in the Friday timeslot, noting that on Fridays, the competition isn’t nearly as fierce as it might be elsewhere. “Supernatural” being a similarly-themed show doesn’t worry him.

“Even in genre, that show is not a ratings powerhouse. By the way, is Supernatural on Friday? I’m not sure.” Reilly paused to laugh. “Good to know. So, there’s your answer.”

Here at Zap2it we’re fans of “Fringe” and of “Supernatural,” but we’re going to call this a low blow. When a network with as much long-standing success as FOX has needs to take a jab at newbie CW it’s a little bit like the giant high school bully kicking the kindergarten kid.

“We are hoping all [the] fans stick with it even if the DVR usage goes up
a little more on Fridays,” Reilly says. Um, apparently he means all the fans except those intense “Supernatural” loyalists who will now be skipping their weekly dose of “Fringe.”

Don’t worry, “Supernatural” fans — this season’s move to Fridays hasn’t hurt the show, and it’s performing as well as CW execs could’ve expected. No guarantees yet, but we’d bet on a Season 7 pickup provided that cast negotiations are successful.

As for “Fringe,” Reilly says, “It’s a fantastic show, and honestly I’d be
heartbroken if it went away.” If it holds onto its Thursday viewership in its Friday spot, it’s almost a sure thing that we’ll see Season 4.

See? No unpleasant network chest-beating necessary.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie