leonardnimoy.jpg“Fringe” fans, I have it on good authority that this week’s episode is the hour you cannot miss… and by “good authority,” I of course mean that FOX sent me the ep ahead of time, and though I’m apparently not smart enough to fully understand what’s going down, I do think you’ll be pleased with all that unfolds.

Won’t give too much away, but as you already know, William Bell is back — watch the clip at the bottom of this post, it’s fun — and we’re finally going to see what happened to Olivia when she crossed over to the “alternate reality” world.

By the way, the shape shifter who wanted her dead? The Fringe team is on to him… and someone’s going to get shot several times because of it.

Also, that phrase Olivia repeated when she regained consciousness in the premiere a couple weeks back? There was a very significant reason for it.

What else? Well, you’ll finally find out why William Bell isn’t in our universe to meet with Ms. Dunham.

And there is some good Nina stuff as Liv pays her a visit to relay her memories of Mr. Bell. Nina explains that William was always worried that if the door was opened, inevitably the two universes would crash together and only one would survive.

If you haven’t yet seen this clip — in which Blair Brown (Nina) discusses the show’s ending last season and where it’s going now — take a quick look…

And don’t forget, Bell is back…

Isn’t Nimoy cute?

Will you watch?

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh