josh-jackson-fringe-320.jpg“Fringe” is about to return with new episodes, but to bridge the gap between then and now, we’re answering some of your burning questions…

Olivia knows about Peter! Is she gonna tell him the truth?! -Meg

Olivia knows that Peter is from the alternate universe, but she isn’t quite sure what to do with that information. Can you blame her? It is kind of a lot to process. But, before she makes any decisions, Walter takes it upon himself to try and explain what happened all those years ago.

“Fringe”… Anything. This hiatus is killing me. Don’t let me explode like something on the show. -Dee
Most of the April 1 episode is a flashback, and many of the big questions you’ve had about Peter will be answered. We’re also getting answers re: Nina’s arm, William Bell and, of course, a whole crop of new queries will be raised. Oh, and if John Noble (Walter) doesn’t get Emmy recognition this year, we may have to boycott.

Peter and Olivia are going on a date!! Will we see them actually finish that kiss they started? -Kate
Sorry, but when the show comes back, we won’t know whether they actually went on that date. Even worse? Joshua Jackson is MIA the entire first hour back. Yeah, it hurt us too…

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