joshua jackson vid 'Fringe's' Joshua Jackson: Peter may have already chosen Alternate OliviaWhile Joshua Jackson may be the only member of the “Fringe” cast who isn’t playing two different characters in Season 3, he’s not without his share of doppelganger drama. In the Season 2 finale, Peter and Olivia (Anna Torv) finally kissed after she told him that regardless of which version of reality he’s from, he belongs with her.

Jackson isn’t so sure. Could it be possible that Peter’s real connection isn’t with Olivia, but with the alternate version of her?

“What I’m curious about is how invested he’s going to get in Alt-Livia,” Jackson says. “The reason that I think that Olivia and Peter, for the two years that they were together, never quite could figure out how to bridge the gap and find that spark, is because they’re not from the same side.”

With Alternate Olivia (who is referred to as “Bolivia” by the “Fringe” production team), Peter doesn’t have that problem. “The reason why Peter and other-Olivia hit it off so quickly is because all the subterranean stuff that was there between Peter and regular Olivia just feels more natural,” Jackson tells us. “It’s some sort of animal instinct that these two, being from the same side, share. I’d love to see a version where the other Olivia and Peter get really, actually involved in each other as opposed to just the cloak and dagger spy stuff that they’ve got going on now, so that when she’s gone, now he’s a bit conflicted.”

There will inevitably be a collision between the two universes, where Alternate Olivia’s identity is revealed. Jackson isn’t talking about how that may happen – he doesn’t even know himself – but as far as he’s concerned, Peter isn’t going to have an easy decision to make. “He’s now torn again, between the two worlds, not knowing where his loyalties lie.”

We like conflicted Peter better than the suggestion a fan posed at Comic-Con, which was a rather creepy threesome between Peter and the Olivias. Judging by Jackson’s reaction, he wasn’t really keen on that idea, either. “Am I a prude, or was that the most awkward question ever asked?”

Note: The following video contains some rough language and is not appropriate for children.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie