joshua jackson pacey con 'Fringe's' Joshua Jackson revisits 'Dawson's Creek' with Pacey ConWe’re going to go on the record and declare this best thing to come out of Comic-Con. Ever. Period.

“Fringe” star Joshua Jackson gave us a little blast from the past with “Funny or Die,” when he made a scene across the street from Comic-Con dressed as his “Dawson’s Creek” character, Pacey Witter.

“People ask me all the time why I’m working on the show ‘Fringe,’ and the honest answer to that is to fund my first love, which is Pacey fan fiction,” Jackson explains, before reading some of his prose aloud. “The winter sun was cold but bright as Pacey squinted in the glare.”

Uh, Josh, did you steal our seventh-grade diary? We’d like that back, please. That stuff we wrote about “Seventh Heaven” was private, dude.

We can’t decide what we love most about this video. Is it the Pacey shirt he’s obviously had tucked away in his hope chest for thirteen years?

pacey wb 'Fringe's' Joshua Jackson revisits 'Dawson's Creek' with Pacey ConMaybe it’s Jackson’s attempt to thwart Comic-Con, or the hilarious bodyguard bobbing around behind him in every shot. Really, it’s probably Paula Cole. We’ve had that song stuck in our head since 1997. It’s nice to be validated.

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Photo: Funny or Die, WB

dh 'Fringe's' Joshua Jackson revisits 'Dawson's Creek' with Pacey Con

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie