joshua jackson lay the favorite rebecca hall 'Fringe's' Joshua Jackson stars in 'Lay The Favorite': Watch the trailer now!Here’s the thing: “Lay the Favorite,” based on Beth Raymer’s memoir about the sports betting world, didn’t exactly get glowing reviews when it debuted at Sundance this January. Despite starring Bruce Willis and being directed by “High Fidelity’s” Stephen Frears, most reviewers agreed that it was pretty dull.

We’re going to see it anyway. Why?

Because of Josh Jackson, of course. Our “Fringe” hero (and forever Pacey Witter) plays a journalist who falls for the wrong girl — Beth Raymer (Rebecca Hall). Her ties to Dink Heimowitz, who has been cooking the Vegas sports gambling books, put them all in danger.

But that’s not important. Here’s what is important: Joshua Jackson, sunning himself and talking about baby oil. Joshua Jackson, making out with a hot girl in a hallway and wanting to talk about it. Joshua Jackson, putting his journalism career on the line to run away with the woman he loves.

We’ve made worse movie-going decisions for the sake of Pacey (hello, “Lone Star State of Mind”) and we’ve got no regrets. Check out the trailer for “Lay the Favorite” below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie