For all you "Lord of the Rings" and Peter Jackson fans who are pretty P.O.ed about New Line Cinema yanking the beloved Oscar-winning director off of their production of the LOTR prequel, "The Hobbit," here’s some news to cheer you up.

Gandalf, Frodo and their loyal pals and faithful helpers are back. So are the evil wizards, the lumbering Ents and those nasty Orcs.

No, the "Hobbit" hasn’t started production. Everything’s still in a messy muddle with New Line and MGM. Click here to find out more about that.

But there is a stage production of "Rings" now onstage in London. And it’s reportedly, pretty cool. Click here for ticket info and reviews. Then book your flight to London. All is not lost. Frodo still has that darn ring.

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Photo Credits: WireImage


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead