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Captain_Sig_Hansen_Deadliest_Catch_3.jpgClick here for my Zap2it story with Captain Sig Hansen of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch,” in which he makes his pitch to get on a future cycle of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”

(As you know, HCTV has been pushing for this for a while now).

Hansen and I met for brunch on Friday (the pictures are mine and were shot after brunch) and did an interview to be released closer to the “DC” season premiere on April 18 — and of course, we talked about the late, beloved Capt. Phil Harris.

More on that later, but right now, I’d like to share a bit more of our “Dancing” conversation, in which Hansen discussed the dancing prowess of Harris and fellow crab-boat captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand of the F/V Time Bandit, and Capt. Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard.

Told he could prove he’s the best dancer among the captains, Hansen said, “I already know that. Phil couldn’t even lift a foot to dance. I’ve seen that action on the dance floor in Dutch Harbor. Keith, not happening.

“Johnathan, he just kind of picks a girl up and does that” — Hansen mimes shaking aCaptain_Sig_Hansen_Deadliest_Catch_1.jpg girl up and down and then side-to-side — “throws her around. The only competition would be Andy. He would be good. John, not happening. He’d step on toes and hurt people.”

Asked if he’d intimidate the other captains with his fabulous steps, Hansen said, “I don’t think I’d intimidate them. I think I’d be the butt of jokes.

“I would never live that down, would I? (Executive producer Thom) Beers would have a heyday with my a–.”

As for his fans, Hansen said, “Well, that’s the thing, would they see you for what you are, which is Captain Sig, or would they see you as a sell-out? But even if I did it, I’m still going to go fishing. That’s my job. This is just a little perk.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare