If this had come out (for real) 20 years ago, we would have been on the living room floor playing this for days at a time. Some internet genius has mocked up a Street Fighter-esque version of “Full House: Tournament Fighters.” Bless his or her nerdy little heart.

While we would have definitely opted for Danny Tanner versus family dog Comet, the video pits Uncle versus Uncle — Jesse versus Joey. Uncle Jesse’s special moves include a sweet guitar riff and some slippery hair gel (Kimmy Gibbler once said he used enough oil to join OPEC. HA!) Joey, on the other hand, has a brutal Mr. Woodchuck attack as well as a punishing Popeye impression that his video game avatar uses about as frequently as the real Dave Coulier did (which is to say VERY frequently).

Finally, after defeating Uncle Joey (as we imagine he would in real life), Uncle Jesse unleashes his devastating finisher — his cover version of the Beach Boys’ “Forever” that he sang to Rebecca at their wedding (complete with gospel choir).

Good lord we are geeking out over here. If we had one wish, it would be for more Miller-Boyett video games. How about a Sims version of “Family Matters?” Or a squad based combat game with the two families from “Step by Step?”  

Posted by:janderson