For those of you who simply needed to know how the guy who payed Joey on “Full House” lost his virginity, the first question is “Why?” With that out of the way, Dave Coulier say down with John Stamos in the latest episode of “Losing It With John Stamos” to talk about his first sexual encounter.
Right up front, Dave confirms it was not with Alanis Morissette. Supposedly, Morissette wrote her first major hit, “You Oughta Know” after their failed relationship, and Coulier has admitted that some of the song’s lines are about him.
However, his first came before that. At age 18, Coulier drank a lot of beer before making time with a girl who had already been with the rest of his hockey team. The downside is he doesn’t actually remember any of it. After drinking too much, Dave blacked out and woke up on a boat dock the next day. He never saw the girl again. Maybe he imagined everything.
Probably not what Stamos was looking for when he invited Dave on the show, but it’s definitely a unique story to tell.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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