Urigeller_phenomenon_240Sometimes something in a press release catches your eye, and you just have to pass it on.

In this case, it’s a line from an otherwise routine announcement from NBC about its show Phenomenon. The unscripted series will give a big cash prize to "the next great mentalist" after a five-week run that starts in two weeks.

The release announced that Tim Vincent of Access Hollywood will serve as host of the show; spoon-bending mentalist Uri Geller and magician Criss Angel will judge whose conjuring or psychic-like skills are the best. The release also mentioned the identities of the 10 contestants and gave some brief information about each one. (The full release is here, if you’re interested.)

Here’s what caught my eye. It’s a line from the bio for Guy Bavli, one of the contestants and a regular performer at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas: "Guy is engaged to be married and has a 7-year-old daughter who is developing mentalism skills of her own, having recently bent her first spoon."

All together now: Awww.

Seriously, I love this job sometimes. I did not get to read stuff like that when I was a city editor.

As for the show? Eh. I enjoy in-person magic just fine, but televised tricks don’t do much for me. I’m curious to know, though, if you’re planning to watch: Does this sort of thing work for you on TV?

Posted by:Rick Porter