The news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce exploded onto the Twitterverse today, igniting a frenzy of jokes about Scientology, “Rock of Ages,” Suri Cruise and #couchjumping (yes, that’s become a popular hashtag).

After their bizarre public courtship, an opulent wedding (one of the most expensive of all time), and their involvement in the world of Scientology, it’s no surprise that the initial public reaction to the latest A-list split has been a mix of snark and shock. And with Holmes seeking sole custody of their daughter, the divorce is guaranteed to attract plenty of attention over the coming months — so it might be best to get a quick laugh out of it today, before it turns ugly.

Here are a few of the most amusing tweets that have been fired off (so far) in the wake of TomKat’s demise:


Posted by:Elizabeth Brady