funny or die presidential reunion 320 Funny or Die Presidential reunion of 'Saturday Night Live' presidents past“Saturday Night Live” spoofing the current administration is expected, but why stop there?

In the latest Funny or Die video, President Barack Obama (played by “SNL’s” Fred Armisen) and his wife Michelle (Maya Rudolph) get several surprise night visitors: Ex-Presidents.

We see Daryl Hammond as the always Bill Clinton, Will Ferrell as Dubya, Dana Carvey as Bush, Sr. and Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter. Oh, and a couple dead Commander in Chiefs show up as well in the form of the stumbling Gerald Ford (Chevy Chase) and a pretty convincing Ronald Reagan from Jim Carrey.

Check out the Ron Howard-directed “reunion”:

We also enjoyed the presidential reunion behind-the-scenes video:

What do you think? Who does the most convincing or funniest impersonation?

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Photo credit: Funny or Die

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