futurama qanda 320 'Futurama': Matt Groening and David X. Cohen answer questions about the returnIt may not be as pervasive as “Twilight: Eclipse” fever, but to a certain segment of the population, the return of original episodes of “Futurama” this week is just as big a deal.

After a nearly seven-year absence from regular weekly episodes (broken up some by four DVD movies that eventually made their way onto cable), the show gets new life on Comedy Central Thursday (June 24). The cable channel has been teasing out bits and pieces for its return for weeks, and the latest — which you can watch below — is a video of creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen answering fan questions.

If you’re looking for big spoilers, though, you might be disappointed. The questions run more toward “What does the J. in Fry’s name stand for?” and “What new guest voices do you want on the show?” than anything especially plot-specific.

The answers to the above, by the way, are: They don’t exactly know (Groening cribbed the middle initial J. from “Rocky and Bullwinkle” creator Jay Ward); and they’re more interested in bringing back people they’ve worked with previously, like Coolio and Al Gore, who will each return in the new season. Cohen does say, though, that he’d like to have “Star Trek: The Next Generation’s” Michael Dorn lend his voice to “Futurama.”

Have a listen to part one of the creators’ Q-and-A. We’ll post part two when it becomes available.

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Q&A With Matt Groening and David X. Cohen – Part 1
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Posted by:Rick Porter