futurama meanwhile series finale comedy central 'Futurama' series finale: Did 'Meanwhile' prove to be a worthwhile second conclusion?Well, “Futurama” fans, the end has come — for a second time.

Resurrection can only last so long and, so, it’s time to say goodbye to Matt Groening‘s cult classic comedy once more. On Wednesday (Sept. 4), “Futurama” signed off for good (or did it?) with “Meanwhile,” an episode centered on Fry (Billy West) finally growing the nerve to propose to Leela (Katey Sagal).

This being “Futurama,” of course, things involved some sort of futuristic high-jinks and did not go smoothly. But was it the ending the show deserved?

For a show that got the boot from original home FOX in 2003 before rising from the ashes on cable in 2008, it seemed only fitting that the series finale focus so heavily on characters dying over and over, while trying to find a way to reverse said death.

After breaking the universe (because of course Fry would), there was an bittersweet beauty in watching Fry and Leela grow old together in a frozen world, reminding audiences that “Futurama” was always capable of creating remarkably touching moments within its hilarity.

And the opportunity to go around again, presented by a dues ex machina Professor Farnsworth, giving fans the knowledge that the entire crew would still be out there on interplanetary adventures? The icing on the cake.

What did you think of “Meanwhile”? Was it the ending “Futurama” deserved? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Billy Nilles