seth macfarlane futurama gi 'Futurama': Seth MacFarlane gives voice to Fry's dogThe final season of “Futurama” will feature a return appearance by Fry’s faithful dog, Seymour — and he’ll have a speaking role.

To give voice to the character, last seen in the 2002 episode “Jurassic Bark,” the show has turned to someone with experience in the dog-voicing field: Seth MacFarlane.

“This will be Seymour’s first and only spoken dialogue,” “Futurama” co-creator David X. Cohen tells EW. “Since Seth voices ‘Family Guy’s’ talking dog, Brian, we thought it would be funny to have him blatantly rip himself off for our benefit. As an added bonus, the only person he can sue is himself, so we’re off the hook.”

MacFarlane’s cameo will be part of a story in which the Planet Express crew goes “Inception” on Fry and enters his dreams to complete a mission in 1999, before Fry was frozen. It also features Sarah Silverman (who last appeared in the “Bender’s Big Score” movie) as Fry’s 20th century girlfriend, Michelle.

“Futurama” begins its final season on Comedy Central at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday (June 19).

Posted by:Rick Porter