FX just said goodbye to one badass detective, but it's in the market for another one.

Comics author Brian Michael Bendis said at last week's New York Comic-Con that he's finished a pilot script based on his and Michael Avon Oeming's series Powers. That the project "is in active development" at the cable channel, Bendis tells MTV's Splash Page blog.

The show would be FX's first foray into the superhero genre — or for that matter, any kind of show with fantastical elements. The comic, however, also incorporates detective-story conventions, something that the network that aired The Shield knows pretty well.

Powers centers on Christian Walker, a one-time superhero who has lost his abilities. He now works as a homicide detective specializing in cases involving other "powers." He partners with another detective named Deena Pilgrim, who eventually develops powers of her own.

Bendis and Oeming sold the film rights to Powers shortly after it debuted in 2000, but nothing concrete ever materialized. Bendis sounds optimistic about the prospects for a series, though. He tells Splash Page that he's waiting for notes from FX, but "as long as they don't involve sock puppets and some sort of orgy scene that I'm not interested in, then hopefully it will go in the right direction."

"They're a very smart network," Bendis says. "It seems like the right place for it to be."

Agree with Bendis? Would you like to see a Powers series?

Posted by:Rick Porter