Maybe it’s just us, but it sure looks like “Precious” Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe has dropped a few pounds in her new promos (with Andy Samberg) for her hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” on April 24.

So much for Howard Stern‘s prediction that she is too fat (“She’s as big as a planet,” we believe are the words he will have to eat)  to find work in Hollywood.

First she lands a regular role on Showtime’s “The Big C,” and now she’s  hosting ‘SNL,’ a very sought-after gig.  And overweight or a few pounds thinner, she’s already made us laugh more than any other host this season.

]]>Betty White, the host on May 8, may have some stiff competition with Gabby. There’s no stopping this girl. She’s sweet and street rolled into one delish dish. And the best thing about this promo is that we now know how to pronounce her last name. We were saying it wrong all awards season. Sheesh. It’s Si-di-BAY, not Si-DI-bee. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news More Gabourey Sidibe dish:

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead