Gabriel Aubry to receive no criminal charges for Olivier Martinez fight

In the end, it was both Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez who were to blame for their Thanksgiving Day brawl which left Aubry badly beaten. Law enforcement officials have determined that the fight was “mutual combat” and say it’s “highly unlikely” charges will be made.

This news comes from TMZ, who also learned that the case will be sent to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office to be reviewed. However, the police involved with the case “will not make a recommendation as to whether Gabriel should be prosecuted.”

Unfortunately Aubry didn’t have good luck across the board in this story. He recently went to court to try to have the restraining order Halle Berry — his potential ex-wife and mother of his daughter — placed on him following the fight lifted, but the judge declined to do so. The order expires soon, but Berry could go back and file a new one. The restraining order mandates that Aubry stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Berry’s daughter with Aubry, Nahla.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz