owen teale game of thrones alliser thorne 'Game of Thrones' actor Owen Teale returning in Season 4: Alliser Thorne and more characters to remember

“Game of Thrones” actor Owen Teale will be reprising his role as Alliser Thorne in the show’s upcoming fourth season. In a recent interview with Wales Online, Teale confirmed he’ll be returning.

But who is Alliser Thorne? The character last appeared in Season 1’s “The Pointy End,” and hasn’t been mentioned since. “He’s a ruthless sergeant major-type character,” Teale explains to the site. “He’s a twisted character who’s been very damaged in the past. He’s great to play and there’s some fantastic dialogue.”

That’s not much of a refresher though, so we decided to put together a list of characters you might not remember but will likely prove important in the upcoming season of “Game of Thrones.”

Alliser Thorne

Who is he? The master-at-arms at Castle Black who made Jon Snow and Sam Tarly’s life miserable.
Why remember him? He’ll be back in Season 4, and is sure to make even more peoples’ lives miserable.


Benjen Stark

Who is he? Ned Stark’s younger brother and member of the Night’s Watch. He went missing while leading an expedition north of the Wall.
Why remember him? Though Benjen was assumedly killed by White Walkers, his body has never been recovered, and author George R.R. Martin isn’t one to let a storyline go unresolved.

Elia Targaryen

Who is she?
The wife of Daenerys Targaryen’s older brother Rhaegar Targaryen, who was raped and murdered by Ser Gregor Clegane during Robert’s Rebellion. She has never appeared in “Game of Thrones,” though she and Rhaegar have been mentioned.
Why remember her? Elia is formerly of the Martell family, and let’s just say Martells and all of their home region of Dorne haven’t forgotten what the Baratheons did to their kin. At least one new Martell will likely be appearing in Season 4.


Janos Slynt

Who is he?
Former commander of the King’s Landing City Watch who goes on to be named Lord of Harrenhal after helping betray and arrest Ned Stark. Tyrion exiles him to the Wall for his part in massacring Robert Baratheon’s bastards.
Why remember him? The last Janos Slynt was seen in “Game of Thrones,” he was being sent north to the Wall. It’s safe to assume that he’ll at some point get there — maybe even in Season 4.

The Umbers


Who they are? House Umber, led by Greatjon Umber, are allies of the Starks. Greatjon acted as Robb Stark’s advisor in Season 1, though Roose Bolton later took his role.
Why remember them? The last we saw of Osha and Rickon, the duo planned to go stay with the Umbers. If “Game of Thrones” continues to follow Rickon’s storyline, then we’ll likely see Greatjon Umber once again.

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 premieres in Spring 2014.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz