take the black stout pour game of thrones zap2it 'Game of Thrones' beer Take The Black: First sips at Comic Con 2013

After the second “Game of Thrones” beer, Take The Black Stout, was announced back in June, Brewery Ommegang and HBO took the Black to San Diego Comic-Con 2013. A select group of media were among the first to sip the new dark beer, and Zap2it is happy to report that “Thrones” fans won’t be disappointed.

Take The Black is a dark beer by nature, but it isn’t as heavy as some other stouts. It also doesn’t have as much of a coffee taste as some other similar beers. Like the Iron Throne Ale, Take The Black Stout will be a crowd pleaser when it comes out in Sept. 2013.

With now two beers under their belt, Zap2it couldn’t resist asking a member of the HBO marketing team if there will ever be a “Game of Thrones” wine released to tie into the introduction of the Dornes in Season 4. The Dorne region is known for its wine and it’s considered the best in the entire “Game of Thrones” world, so Season 4 would be a perfect time to introduce a bottle of Dornish red. HBO’s team member says that the plan is still to focus on the beer line right now — and teases a third beer is on the way — but also says that nothing is off the table in terms of a wine. Fingers crossed!

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 premieres on HBO in Spring 2014. Zap2it will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con “Game of Thrones” panel today (July 19), so stay tuned for our continued coverage.

take the black stout game of thrones zap2it sdcc 'Game of Thrones' beer Take The Black: First sips at Comic Con 2013

Posted by:Terri Schwartz