game of thrones baby names hbo 'Game of Thrones', 'Breaking Bad' baby names on the rise in the UK

Look out royals, TV characters are coming after your. A new report from the Baby Centre shows that more newborns in the UK were given names inspired by characters from TV shows than members of the royal family in 2013.
One name that has landed in the Top 100 for girls is Aria. The name is a variation of Arya, a popular “Game of Thrones” character played by Maisie Williams. There could also be a connection made to “Pretty Little Liars” character, portrayed by Lucy Hale.
“Breaking Bad” also experienced a nice bump in popularity with it’s final season. The names Skyler and Jesse moved into the Top 200 for girls and boys, respectively. “Downton Abbey” isn’t doing too shabby either, with names like Isobel, Violet, Elsie and Ivy all landing in the Top 100 for girls. Meanwhile, “Homeland” fans might be pleased to learn Brody appeared in the Top 100 boys names.
While TV is on the rise, royal names are declining. After the birth of Prince George, that name actually dropped in popularity, the Independent reports. It joins William, Charles, Harry, Kate and Catherine, all of which fell down the list in 2013.
Perhaps one day parents will start naming their kids after TV villains, rather than those you grow to love. Imagine a little Walter White running around.
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