Game-of-Thrones-S2-teaser.jpg“Game of Thrones” is back on the air on April 1st. Now, we know how complex this show is, and you can’t possibly remember everything. We’ve got some character updates for you, straight from HBO. In the videos, we get a glimpse of where everyone is at the start of the season.

In the first video, we catch up with Khaleesi Daenerys, who’s Khal is now dead. We find out that her situation is very desperate and lonely. Emilia Clarke, who plays Deanerys says of the dragons, “They’re my babies!”

In the second, we find Joffery Baratheon, who is now king. Jack Gleeson explains that his character is testing his limits. We see him order Sansa (Sophie Turner) beaten and threaten to kill her. The actors who play his family weigh in on what a little monster he is. Check them out, as well asn the newest trailer, “The More You Love” and let us know what you think. War is coming!

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