game of thrones holiday gift guide 'Game of Thrones' holiday gift guide: Iron Throne replicas, house sigils and more

“Game of Thrones'” Season 4 premiere might be months away, but the holidays around the corner are still a great way to bring some of the world of Westeros into the life of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” fan closest to you.

Zap2it put together a gift guide to help make holiday shopping for the “Game of Thrones” fan in your life a little easier. And who knows, maybe you can toss some gifts in there for yourself as well.

Gifts under $25:

Sigil nail decals ($3.95) – A cheap and easy gift for a lady (or guy) in your life who wants to show their love of “Game of Thrones” with a mani or pedi.

Character vinyl figurines ($9.99) – All the “Game of Thrones” characters from Khal Drogo, Robert Baratheon and Robb Stark to a White Walker, the Hound and Tyrion Lannister are available as vinyl figurines. Can’t decide which to buy? There’s a set of six for $54.99.

“The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister” ($11.64)George R.R. Martin penned a cute little homage to fan favorite character Tyrion Lannister that is full of the Imp’s best one liners. 

“Game of Thrones” refrigerator magnets ($12) – An easy and fun gift for a “Game of Thrones” fans that allows them to mix and match their favorite names and phrases from “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

game of thrones stark sibling shirt 'Game of Thrones' holiday gift guide: Iron Throne replicas, house sigils and more

Hand of the King pin ($16.99) – Ned Stark is resting in peace (hopefully) and Tyrion Lannister’s time as the Hand of the King has come to an end, but now a lucky gift receiver will have the honor of wearing the Hand’s pin as well.

Faceless man coin ($16.99) – Valar Morghulis! All men must die just like all men must serve, and there’s no better way to remind a “Game of Thrones”-loving friend than with this simple Faceless man coin.

Brewery Ommegang’s “Game of Thrones” beers and glasses ($8.50 + $9.95) – Though not available online, Brewery Ommegang’s Take the Black Stout and Iron Throne Ale should be available at a local retailer near you. The specialized brews have the suggested price of $8.50, and are perfectly accompanied by the matching glasses.

Stark siblings T-shirt ($24) – This Etsy T-shirt is one of the coolest ways for someone to show their Stark support. Tank top, direwolf and dragon options are also available.

Gifts under $50:

Matching Khal and Khaleesi mugs ($34.99) – Know a couple who loves “Game of Thrones” equally? Give them the gift of true love in matching Khal and Khaleesi mugs.

“A Feast of Ice and Fire” ($35) – The official “Game of Thrones” cookbook is the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves cooking as much as they love the world of Westeros. For a cheaper option, there’s also “The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook” for $19.95.

“Game of Thrones” house sigil shotglass set ($39.99) – This shot glass set featuring five “Game of Thrones” house sigils is a great gift idea, but there are plenty of other options if you know your gift receiver’s favorite house. If taking shots isn’t his or her style, there are also pint glass, mug, T-shirt, iPhone cases and hoodie options available.

Gifts under $100:

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game ($53.95) – Know someone missing Westeros? Send them back to the land whenever they want with A Game of Thrones: The Board Game. The board game takes place after the events of Robert Baratheon’s death, and is a fun way to get involved with the politics of the world.

game of thrones iron throne replica 'Game of Thrones' holiday gift guide: Iron Throne replicas, house sigils and more

“Game of Thrones” Eleni’s New York cookies ($55) – The “Game of Thrones” sigil cookies from Eleni’s New York bakery are available online for order. They’ll help stave off the wait for Season 4 with a nice sweet treat. Skip the $45 individual sigil batches and get this set of five with all the different options available.

“Game of Thrones” Season 4 Blu-ray ($79.98) – It’s an easy gift, and one of the best to give. Get a jumpstart on the release of “Game of Thrones” Season 4 by pre-ordering the Blu-ray (or the $59.98 DVD) for the “Game of Thrones” lover in your life.Iron Throne replica statue ($59.99) – Nothing will sit better on the desk or mantle of a die hard “Game of Thrones” fan than this detailed replica of the Iron Thrones.

Direwolf bookends ($79.99) – These gorgeous direwolf bookends aren’t overtly “Game of Thrones”-related, and they’re a perfect addition to any bookshelf. Chances are the person getting this gift is going to have a soft spot for the written word anyway.

Gifts over $100:

Framed Westeros and Essos map print ($149.99) – There’s plenty of gorgeous “Game of Thrones” art, but one of the most iconic and lovely of all the official prints to be purchased is the official map of Westeros and Essos. This framed print will fit perfectly on the wall of any “A Song of Ice and Fire” fan.

Swords of Ice and Fire ($230-$700) – Nothing says you’re a true fan of a fantasy series like owning an authentic, author-approved sword from the series. Valyrian Steel offers replicas of items like Jon Snow’s Longclaw, Ned Stark’s Ice and the latest addition to the bunch, Robb Stark’s sword. All are GRRM approved, and range in price from $230 to $700.

Or … figurines of Ice and Fire ($89.95-$329.95) – Weaponry not your style? Valyrian Steel also offers some pretty awesome busts, including a discounted Daenerys and Viserion one, a White Walker, Tyrion in battle, the Hound’s helm and Jon Snow and Ghost.

Life size replica of the Iron Throne ($30,000) – Go big or go home, right? Have an extra $30,000 to spare? Why not give your friend or loved one the gift they never knew they needed: a life size replica of the Iron Throne. Yes, this is honestly offered on the official HBO store, and we’re desperate to know if anyone has actually bought it.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz