Game-of-Thrones-jon-snow.jpgJust in case you were concerned, Tyrion Lannister survived his injury. He was left in the mud when his dad and the Tyrells joined forces and stormed King’s Landing defeating Stannis Baratheon’s troops. To celebrate the victory, Joffrey awards everyone great honors, except Tyrion who has been banished to a tower room to heal. His father has replaced him as the Hand of the King and Tyrion is no longer of use. Yet he wants to stay and continue to prove himself.

Margaery Tyrell, who is given to Joffrey as his blushing bride. His mom thinks it’s a good move, what with Sansa being the daughter of a dead traitor. Everyone jumps on board this plan, including the Gods apparently. So Joffrey is free to follow his “heart” and wed the incredibly unlucky Margery. Sansa is thrilled to be free at last, but Lord Petyr Baelish has some conciliatory words for her about how Joffrey still gets to knock her around and maybe knock her up. Yeah, he’s not going to send her home, but Baelish offers to help her for the sake of his old friendships. For once Sansa’s refusal to accept help comes across as street smart.

Varys the eunuch is up to something. He strikes a deal with the madam of Baelish’s brothel, but we don’t know why yet.

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