game-of-thrones-S2.jpgRemember last episode, when Theon Greyjoy decided he wanted to do something more dramatic with his time than just raid fishing villages? Well, he successfully took Winterfell and killed Ser Rodrik! However, Osha (the wildling lady who’s been a Stark prisoner for awhile now) sleeps with Theon and stages an escape for herself, Rickon, Bran, Hodor, and the wolves. Rickon is the youngest Stark; he hasn’t really done much so far. Anyway, the point is that Theon took Winterfell but immediately lost two children, one of whom can’t walk.

North of the Wall, the rangers attack a group of wildlings. But one of them is a girl named Ygritte, and Jon Snow can’t bring himself to kill her. So he pretty quickly gets cut off from the rest of his squad, trapped in the snowy wilderness with a wildling lady.

Arya listens in on a discussion between Tywin Lannister and Littlefinger and possibly gets away without Littlefinger recognizing her. But when she steals a note, she gets caught by Amory Lorch. I know that name because she immediately tells that name to Jaqen, who kills him just as he’s opening the door to Tywin’s room.

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