game of thrones daenarys 'Game of Thrones' recap: Thirteen and PregnantRemember last week, when there was a threat that Arya was going to be accidentally hunted down by the people trying to round up all of Robert Baratheon’s misbegotten children? Well, it almost happens in this episode! But Yoren stands up for his recruits, so instead of letting the goldcloaks come in and steal Gendry (Robert’s bastard), he steals their swords and throws them out. Gendry, meanwhile, has figured out that young Arry is actual a girl, because he’s not completely blind.

Up north of the Wall, Samwell feels bad for this one very young wife of Craster’s, who’s anxious to get away before her baby is born. Robb says not to get involved, but he can’t help but follow Craster when the baby boy is set out in the snow to be taken by Sasquatches or something. Then Robb gets whopped over the head by Craster because he forgot to bring his giant kill direwolf along.

Theon Greyjoy finally has his own plot! He’s off to the Iron Islands to ask his father Balon to throw in with Robb. But Balon Greyjoy is sarcastic and contemptuous of his son, who he deems womanly. Instead, he’s got a plan to become king without the Starks. And he’s put his daughter in charge of his armies!

Out in King’s Landing, Tyrion is not making a lot of friends with the way he’s acting as Hand. One person who’s definitely not thrilled about him is Janos Slynt, who’s currently the leader of the city watch. That makes him the person responsible for all the bastard-killing, and also the person responsible for taking down Ned Stark, the last hand of the King. So Tyrion sends Janos off to the Night’s Watch, irritating Cersei.

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