spoiler shield game of thrones app 'Game of Thrones' Red Wedding spawns app that blocks spoilers on Twitter, Facebook

Remember how mad everyone got when spoilers about “Game of Thrones'” Red Wedding were posted online within days of the episode’s airing? While some people thought it was okay to discuss the traumatic events of “The Rains of Castamere” on social media within an hour of its premiere on television, other thought it was proper etiquette to wait a day to talk about it so everyone else could have a chance to view the episode. Others still thought the appropriate amount of time was a week, while some thought it just shouldn’t be talked about publicly at all.

Basically the lesson that episode (and many others before and since) taught television viewers is that everyone has their own stance on spoilers, and there is no blanket rule for how to treat them. That’s when Josh Solt and Matthew Loew decided it was the perfect idea to introduce an app that “shields” Facebook and Twitter users from spoilers about more than 30 popular TV shows, Variety reports.

Enter Spoiler Shield, a new free app in the iOS App Store that will soon be available on Android as well. Basically what it does is screens all spoilers to do with dramas like “Breaking Bad,” reality shows like “The Amazing Race” and NFL, MLB and other sports events like “WWE Raw.” A shield appears over said spoiler-filled posts, and Spoiler Shield users can simply double tap the icon to unblock them. Easy, right?

Since there looks like there’s no stopping people from posting spoilers, the best thing for people looking to avoid them is implementing free and easy apps like this. Will you download Spoiler Shield?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz