sean bean mar 2009 gi 'Game of Thrones' Sean Bean up for more 'Sharpe's Adventures'Sean Bean is enjoying one of the biggest successes of his career in HBO’s current hit series “Game of Thrones,” but fans may have to wait awhile to see the British actor again in his signature TV role as dashing soldier Richard Sharpe.

“I’d like to think [there will be more ‘Sharpe’s Adventures’], but we have been through so many wars in that series, and perhaps the Battle of Waterloo was the last major battle in that time [period],” Bean tells Zap2it.

“But we did go to India, which was fun, and we may be doing another one where I look for my long-lost daughter.

“I think it’s just the expense of things, especially in England right now with the recession and people cutting back on things. ‘Sharpe’ is quite a big production, when you think of television … British television anyway.”

Posted by:John Crook