game-of-thrones-maisie-williams-game-of-thrones-season-2-finale-valar-morghulisOh “Game of Thrones!” Cable just won’t be the same without you. Season 2 is almost over and “Blackwater” has aired. Only one more episode left and so much to look forward to. Zap2it just let you know which new characters we’ll be seeing in Season 3. Now we have one more Westeros-related present for you.

“Valar Morghulis,” the Season 2 finale of “Game of Thrones” will run an extra ten minutes. Yes, there will be even more goodness. Will it be enough to tide you over until next year? Probably not. Will it mean you’ll get more wrap up and possibly dragon-y goodness? Yes.

Now the fly in the ointment. Some DVR’s won’t pick up the last few minutes. You might want to call your cable company and see if this will be a problem. Better yet, watch it live. Let us know what moments you’re the most excited to see. Valar Morghulis!

Posted by:jbusch