Warning: The above video contains mild language

Sansa Stark might not be the fan-favorite “Game of Thrones”  character, but Sophie Turner doesn’t mind. She has a message to the Sansa haters in the world, because she can see her character’s inner warrior.

“Haters to the left, please,” Turner told Zap2it on the “Game of Thrones” Season 3 red carpet. “I think Sansa’s an awesome character, and I think haters should step aside because she is gonna kill you… I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

So what does she see happening to Sansa by the end of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series? Something that definitely hasn’t happened in the books or HBO show, that’s for sure.

“She’s going to go totally Arya, like bada** on you, and she’s going to kick some a**,” Turner predicted. “Maybe. We’ll talk to [author] George [R.R. Martin]. She might just become a karate, ninja kind of girl. I wouldn’t put it past George. Anything can happen in this world.”

With the reveal at the end of Season 2 that King Joffrey, who had previously been engaged to and torturing Sansa at King’s Landing, would now be marrying Natalie Dormer‘s Margaery Tyrell, it remains to be seen if Sansa will get a bit of a letup in Season 3. Turner teased that her character will become more involved in the game of thrones in Westeros in 2013.

“She forms alliances this season, and she’s got Shae as a really close friend and she might meet some new people who she maybe becomes friends with, but we’ll see,” she said. “She definitely has trust issues after the death of Ned so she’s not going to be trusting anyone too quickly, but maybe. We’ll see.”

Readers of the George R.R. Martin books know that Turner will have some screen time with Peter Dinklage, and Turner talked about working with her costar. “Peter is lovely to work with. He is like an inspiration,” she said. “It’s just a pleasure to be in a room with him, and then to act with him and he’s so lovely and so funny as well. He’s great, yeah.”

As for that opening credits rap (below) that Turner did with Maisie Williams (Arya) and Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran), she is still mortified that the video has seen the light of day.

“I’m so embarrassed. I’m so embarrassed. I apologize to everyone who had to witness that,” she said. “We rapped, and then Maisie and I were in a hotel room crying over how embarrassed we are. It’s ridiculous.”

So what are they going to do for the Season 3 DVD? “I’m so embarrassed, I’m just not going to do it again,” Turner admitted. “I’m just going to be like a normal [person], like Lena [Headey] is, like, ‘Hi, I’m Sophie Turner, I play Sansa.’ Like, the normal instead of embarrassing myself. It’s not as much fun, but it’s not embarrassing either.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz