To call the “Game of Thrones” IMAX screening “epic” is to undersell just how impressive the experience of watching the series on the big big screen is. Based on the reactions to the event on Twitter, the fans who quickly bought up tickets to it felt they got their money’s worth.

But the biggest selling point of seeing the final two episodes of Season 4 in IMAX wasn’t just viewing how fantastic the Battle of the Wall looks blown up so large and how hard it is to watch Tyrion kill Shae when his facial expressions are so clear. Instead it was the fact that the two-minute-long “Game of Thrones” Season 5 trailer premiered after the Season 4 finale credits rolled, offering up a first look at the new season — which is now available above via the “Game of Thrones” Facebook page.
The trailer opens with a shot of Jaime Lannister standing vigil over his father Tywin (if you’re wondering why Charles Dance worked a day in Season 5, this is why) with Cersei nearby. Other early shots include Littlefinger telling Sansa, “There’s no justice in this world — not unless we make it” and one of the Sand Snakes cracking her whip. There also seem to be snippets of the rumored Cersei flashbacks sprinkled in there.
It then continues to show more shots of Dorne, the new Spain-shot Season 5 setting, and showing what look like Wildlings heading into water — Hardhome, perhaps? Margaery and Tommen are seen getting married — her third marriage, for those keeping track — while Tyrion and Varys travel to new lands. Oh, and Sansa takes what seems like a really serious bath.
But the most interesting thing in the trailer is that Varys finally — finally — starts to let Tyrion in on what the Spider has been working toward this whole time: Getting people on Team Daenerys. “The Seven Kingdoms needs a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and the right family name,” Varys tells Tyrion. The Imp responds, “Good luck finding him,” to which Varys counters, “Who said anything about ‘him’?” Cut to a great shot of Dany and then one of Drogon breathing fire at the screen.
The big absence in the trailer is the character of Aegon, whose story function is seemingly being replaced by Daenerys. Assuming he is cut from “Game of Thrones” might be an overreaction, but it also wouldn’t be too surprising all things considered. But until characters being cut are confirmed, it’s better to remain hopeful they’ll still have a role to play.
Also in the trailer are a lot of key Meereen scenes: Jorah in the fighting pit, a first look at the Brazen Beasts, what looks like Missandei and Grey Worm kissing each other (some people speculate it’s Tyene Sand instead) and — this one is huge, because it looks freaking awesome — someone pulling down the harpy on top of the city. An order from Dany, or a tease of a bigger battle to come? Probably the former, hopefully the latter.
Other moments of note: Cersei continuing her quest to kill Tyrion, Melisandre setting someone alight on a funeral pyre, a shot of poor Theon looking really tortured, Arya entering the House of Black and White, plus her new cleaner outfit as Cat of the Canals — though she is picking up Needle in the scene, which is pretty significant.
“Game of Thrones” Season 5 premieres on April 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. The trailer should officially premiere online in the near future.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz