sean bean gi 320 'Game of Thrones' star Sean Bean goes 'Missing' with ABCSean Bean is trading one brand of intrigue for another.

The “Lord of the Rings” actor, who stars in HBO’s upcoming “Game of Thrones,” has taken a role opposite Ashley Judd in ABC’s series “Missing.”

The show centers on Judd’s character, who travels to Europe to track down her missing 18-year-old son; it becomes apparent rather quickly that she’s not just a concerned mom, but also a former CIA agent. Bean will play her late husband, who appears in flashbacks, Deadline reports. ABC has already ordered 10 episodes of the series from writer Greg Poirier (“National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” “Gossip”).

Bean plays Lord Eddard Stark in “Game of Thrones,” which premieres April 17 on HBO. His other credits include the “Red Riding” trilogy, “Flightplan” and the first “National Treasure.”

Posted by:Rick Porter