game-of-thrones-cast-young-2009-adam-whitehead.JPG“Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington has made no secret of the fact that the only reason he keeps his hair long is because he’s contractually obligated to. Jon Snow’s luscious locks remain on Harington’s head year after year simply because he needs to maintain the look throughout the HBO show’s run.

But that knowledge begs the question: How does Harington prefer his hair? The answer might shock you.
Back in 2009, George R.R. Martin held a book signing that was attended by the then very young cast of “Game of Thrones.” Maisie Williams was only 12, Sophie Turner was only 13, Harington was 23, and Richard Madden and Alfie Allen were both 24. They were all such babies!
Blogger Adam Whitehead snapped photos from the event, which took place when the cast was shooting the unaired original pilot, which explains why — gasp! — Harington’s hair is very, very short. In fact, he never had long hair until the producers asked him to grow it out for the show because the short look didn’t work for the pilot.
“They were, ‘It’s way too clean-cut — we want you to grow your hair and grow your beard,'” he recalls to GQ.
Voila: Kit Hairington, your Jon Snow.
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Posted by:Terri Schwartz